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About us

Corporate strategy


Athena Costruzioni is engaged in the construction business and, thanks to the know-how obtained by various elements in this field for about twenty years, provides guarantees for an objective assessment of the work that must be carried out with a completely satisfactory end result.

The innovation methods of performance of works and management stimulate with them to permanent and
invariable enthusiasm and maintaining by the ambitious and large programs which are characterized by excellent results and prospects on the future.
Our firm uses the basis of design and rendering of the current projects with architects, surveyors and decorators who, thanks to permanent contact with clients, create individual internal and external decisions.

Relations with directly involved craftsmen and cooperation with industrial enterprises in this sector have become a strong and long-lasting human relationship.
Thanks to this, we continue to continuously search for innovative construction products and solutions that are effective, environmentally sustainable, safe and integrated into the reference area.


Mission & Vision


We offer innovative systems in the field

of construction, by finding

environmentally sustainable products.

In fact, we represent a radical change in the construction process to protect those who seek safety and
beauty. In other words:

A better way of life

Mission & Vision
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