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Formula 2° casa

2nd house formula

For Athena Costruzioni customers it is now possible to renovate their second home free of charge with FORMULA 2 ° CASA.

What is it about:

  • We view the property personally and draw up a market analysis on which intended use is the most profitable;

  • Together with the client, we establish a budget for the renovation and furnishing of the property;

  • We finance the project through our credit partner (*);

  • We enter into a contract with the customer that allows us to rent the property according to the intended use established for 5 years, we pay the loan installment;

  • The customer has to pay only the property tax of the property, the rest of the expenses such as administration and utilities are borne by us;

  • If the customer wishes, he can redeem the property when he wants without constraints.

(*) banking practice assessed on the basis of the customer's creditworthiness

Apartments for sale without intermediation

Genoa Sampierdarena

Beccaria staircase

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